Eminem's Machine Gun Kelly diss "Killshot" is doing very well.

Billboard reports that the audio of the ruthless loosie broke YouTube records, racking up more views in 24 hours than any hip-hop video in the site's history. 

YouTube says that the track garnered 38.1 million views in its first 24 hours on the site, good for the top spot among hip-hop tracks and the third-biggest debut of all-time on the platform. 

The diss track stemmed from MGK's "Rap Devil" diss and put Eminem in an Old Testament kind of mood. The rapper gets regularly clowned for his showy and technical style in his recent releases but "Killshot" showed that when Em has a subject to focus his ribbity-rap-type bars on, his undeniable skills can come in handy

"As big as you're gonna get, so enjoy it/Had to give you a career to destroy it" is just insanely hurtful and it's been fun to see Eminem go for it. MGK might think Em "missed" but those numbers tell a different story.  The song has been such a boost for both rappers that the tin-foil-hat crowd has arrived to call the entire beef fake.

Elsewhere on the site, Kanye West's and Lil Pump's Spike Jonze-executive produced Roblox cosplay "I Love It" was both rappers' best debut of all time. The video gained 13.9 million views in 24 hours, which was part of a push that led to the song debuting in the No. 6 slot on the Billboard Hot 100.