Drake's current tour, Aubrey and the Three Migos, has been hit with a number of setbacks due to technical issues and illness, but The Blast reports that an alleged incident from a 2016 tour looms after Drizzy's current woes.

Carpenter Julian Aguirre, who supposedly worked on a 2016 tour for Drake and Live Nation, claims he was badly injured after he fell off stage while installing a production prop he says wasn't quite ready to be placed onstage.

Agguire says he worked as a rigger and carpenter on Drake's 2016 tour with Future, and he's now seeking compensation from Live Nation after the incident. On Sept. 24, 2016, he says he was asked to install a new "header" to replace a part of Drake's stage design, and when he warned the assembly team it didn't look ready he was told to "shut up and put the piece in."

He notes that the piece "did not look finished, as it was missing tabs used to lock it in place." Agguire says he tried to make the piece safe by installing a C clamp, but as he was locking the header into place it fell beneath him and he fell eight feet or so, landing on his back and hitting his head. He's seeking unspecified damages for "orthopedic, neurological, internal, emotional, and other injuries." Drake is not a named defendant in the suit.

Live Nation were reached for comment but did not respond at the time of publishing.