America's Got Talent contestant Michael Ketterer was arrested for felony domestic violence, reports TMZ.

The gossip news site, which posted a video of Ketterer in the back of a police van, says the Los Angeles Police Department took Ketterer into custody on Thursday after cops noticed a "visible red mark" on his wife. The two reportedly fought with his wife before the cops arrival. He was later released after posting his $50,000 bail.

Ketterer reportedly told TMZ that the arrest was a "misunderstanding." He added that while he was arguing with his wife in their hotel room, she won't be pressing charges. However, the cops arrested him because of the mark. The felony will be downgraded to a misdemeanor since his wife had a minor injury, according to TMZ's law enforcement sources. The case will reportedly be handled by the Los Angeles' City Attorney as well.

Ketterer appeared on the reality competition series during its most recent season and finished in fifth place on the night before he got arrested. During the season, he drew tears from the notably staunch Simon Cowell and viewers worldwide as he told them that his wife and daughter nearly died during childbirth.

"When he sang the Garth Brooks song, it was one of those magic moments where the song connected, he connected, his voice was better, you could feel it in the crowd," Cowell said on the post-show red carpet of Ketterer's final performance, according to USA Today. Before the arrest, the famed music executive and judge also said he plans to work with Ketterer.