It sounds like Quavo has something huge in store.

During his tour stop in NYC this week, the Georgia rapper made an appearance on the Angie Martinez Show, where he provided a vague—but intriguing—description of his forthcoming solo work.

When Angie asked if his recent records—“Workin Me,” “Lamb Talk,” and “Bubble Gum”—were part of a larger project, Quavo claimed they were just a taste of something bigger.

“It’s an alley-oop for the biggest slam dunk in the game,” the Migos member said. “It’s gonna be crazy... It’s on the way.”

Angie then pressed Quavo for more information, but the rapper remained tight-lipped.

“Is it a full album? A full EP? What?” she asked. “It’s not you leaving the group?”

“No. It’s going places and coming back with the trophy so we can celebrate. That’s it,” he said, before he was asked about a release date. 

Though he wouldn’t reveal any solid details about what he has on deck, Quavo confirmed “something” was arriving next month.

“Something crazy is on the way, something real special on the way from your boy Honcho,” he said. “[…] It’s for the culture. Always for the culture.”

You can check out the full interview in the video above. Quavo also discusses Migos’ current tour with Drake, recording “Apeshit,” acting, directing, and getting name-dropped by Nicki Minaj.