Future and Zaytoven gifted fans with BEASTMODE 2 earlier this month, solidifying themselves as one of rap's premier producer-rapper duos. The two always make fire when they're working together, and BEASTMODE 2 was no different. The two have teamed up once again to share the video for their Trapholizay highlight, "Mo Reala."

The new video focuses on the two as they traverse the wilderness. There are some particularly gothic looking shots as it approaches its end, and the True Detective vibes are almost immediately felt.

It's clear from the release of BEASTMODE 2 and the new video for "Mo Reala," that both of the artists have plenty more to come in the future. Zaytoven has already explained that they have worked really efficiently in the past, telling Fader that him and Future had a lot of left over material from their time recording Beast Mode and its 2018 sequel.

"We recorded 100 songs just to give you nine," he told Fader. "So that means we took our time to pick out what we feel like the audience would want."