Beast Mode, the 2015 Future and Zaytoven instaclassic that gave us "Peacoat," finally got a sequel Friday.  Like its predecessor, BEASTMODE 2 takes the concise approach at just nine tracks in length. However, as revealed in a new interview, the two prolific collaborators started with way more tracks than that before diving into the real work of dwindling them down.

Speaking with the Fader for an interview published just as the surprise new tape hit streaming services, Zaytoven revealed that the project formerly known as Beast Mode 16 dates back to Future's 2016 Drake collab "Used to This," which originally had a "beast mode" tag at the beginning. "If you knew how many songs we did just to get the nine songs we got on this one," Zaytoven said. "So many songs. Even for the first project, there were so many songs that were left over. That's how we like to work—we wanna make sure that we're giving the fans the best out of the best."

All told, Zaytoven estimates that "about 100 songs" were being considered for the sequel. "It's really about finding a combination of songs that work together 'cause, really, all the songs are dope," he said. "But all of 'em don't work together as a collective project." As for other artists' far lengthier approach to albums in recent months, Zaytoven isn't feeling it. "We recorded 100 songs just to give you nine," he said. "So that means we took our time to pick out what we feel like the audience would want." Projects with "'like 20 songs," Zaytoven added, deter him from listening entirely. Catch the full interview here.

Future is clearly in the beginning stages of another classic era of prolificness. In September, he'll be hitting the road with Nicki Minaj for the NickiHndrxx tour.