It's been a confusing, mysterious year for Lil Uzi Vert fans. Since April, his Instagram account has been seemingly handed over to a series of people who aren't Uzi himself. Instead, he's showed up on Young Thug's account more than his own. And when he has had direct contact with his fans, Uzi has stirred up controversy by recently telling everyone that they're going to hell.

Needless to say, the line of communication between him and his followers has been far from clear. This week, though, his fans have gathered a few clues that lead them to believe he's releasing a new project very soon—maybe even this week.

Monday, Uzi changed his Instagram bio to "Eternal Atake" along with a moon emoji. Some fans noticed that the emoji he chose matches the quarter moon phase that will light up the night sky on Thursday, July 19.

On Twitter, Uzi explained the meaning behind "Eternal Atake"—which many fans are assuming will be the title of his next project. 

He also used the words "Eternal" and "Atake" in his Instagram Story on Monday.

As further evidence that a new project from Uzi is near completion and ready to be released, there are rumors circulating that he held a listening party for close friends and family on Sunday night. You can hear a snippet of new music below, which is rumored to have been played at the party.

Whether it actually drops this week or not, all signs point to a new project from Uzi coming soon. In May, frequent collaborator Don Cannon suggested Uzi's next album will arrive sometime this year. Cannon—who also helps run Generation Now with DJ Drama—responded to a tweet from a fan about 2018’s most anticipated music projects and said, "Don't forget Uzi."