Hell sounds awesome but sadly doesn't exist, but if it did and if they had a 'round-the-clock DJ, I would hope they'd be spinning the deepest possible Lil Uzi Vert cuts on a regular basis. For example, the pair of unreleased Uzi songs that surfaced overnight would be excellent additions to the rotation.

Though "Everything Lit" and "Introvert" (which is seemingly a previously teased track titled "Uzi London") aren't exactly new, the WSHH uploads mark the first time we've been able to properly enjoy them in a vaguely semi-official capacity. "Everything Lit" is estimated to stem from "Money Longer"-era sessions circa 2016. "Introvert," meanwhile, is alleged to originate from Luv Is Rage sessions back in 2015.

Trade your spiritual pipe dreams for a truly vital existence, then stream both tracks below.

There's a general vibe among Uzi fans that a new project, presumably the full-length followup to Uzi's breakthrough 2017 album Luv Is Rage 2, is imminent. This August will officially mark one year since that Generation Now/Atlantic-backed drop. In the months since "XO Tour Llif3" took over the planet and helped shift an entire genre's aesthetic even further toward Marilyn Manson-esque rock imagery, Uzi has teased a variety of potential new projects, none of which have been crystallized with an official announcement.

According to comments Manson gave to Consequence of Sound in October, however, Uzi's next planned project is that previously teased rock album. "Tyler Bates and I are going to do that with him," Manson said at the time. "I think if I had to pick what Lil Uzi Vert should be if he's involved in rock, it is an early Bad Brains or Faith No More, but with a catchier element. I think that he has punk rock in him. He's a little, crazy motherfucker and smart as fuck, and he really has an attitude like I did. I like that about him."