Fox’s legendary sketch comedy show In Living Color introduced the country to Jim Carrey, the Wayans brothers, David Alan Grier, and Tommy Davidson. Ironically enough, though, the show’s most internationally recognized star wouldn’t come from the show’s main cast; she’d first appear on the 1991 third season premiere. After the show’s five-member dance troupe, the Fly Girls, performed their opening routine, Keenan Ivory Wayans welcomed the audience and formally introduced the women. He started with a woman in a tree-green bodysuit and dark red lipstick: “Coming all the way from Bronx, New York, Miss Jennifer Lopez.”

In less than five years, Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t need an introduction. She became a phenomenon whose reign lasted longer than In Living Color’s run (1990-94). Her combination of dancing ability, dulcet vocals, and Golden Globe nomination-worthy acting made her one of the ‘00s most defining stars. Of course, at the center of her legacy is her impressive run as a pop artist. A year after co-starring with George Clooney in the ’90s classic Out of Sight (not to disregard her role in the Selena Quintanilla biopic), Lopez debuted in 1999 with a No. 1 single, “If You Had My Love,” and would go on to drop three consecutive multi-platinum albums, each with a No. 1 single. Her worldwide success and iconic fashion looks made her the country’s biggest de facto mainstream ambassador for the Latin community.

J. Lo’s singles often bent their way into the day’s most popular pop sounds. This may read as trend-hopping, but that’s not the word you’d use for someone whose singles had as much longevity as Lopez’s does—her hits still go off. Revisit her career with our list of the best J. Lo songs, below.