Late last month, a key witness who said Master P's brother C-Murder was responsible for the 2002 shooting of 16-year-old Steven Thomas recanted his testimony. In a sworn affidavit, witness Kenneth Jordan explained that he knew the person who shot the gun, and that it wasn't C-Murder, real name Corey Miller. Jordan alleged that authorities convinced him to identify Miller as the murderer. Now, P is demanding his brother's release from prison.

"It's time for him to come home," Master P explained in a new video posted online. "They have no more witnesses. They already came and recanted their statements." Miller is currently being held at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, serving a life sentence for the murder of Steven Thomas. 

Following his appearance at a celebrity basketball charity event, Master P held a rally on the Xavier University campus in New Orleans in hopes of gaining more support for C-Murder's freedom. Miller's attorney was there with P, saying that Miller was feeling "cautiously optimistic" following Jordan's recanting of his statements. "I want this to be about innocent people that are incarcerated," P said at the rally.

“Corey told me, he say, ‘If somebody committed a crime, they should be incarcerated.’ I mean, he’s a tough guy, he’s not perfect. But he told me, ‘Big brother, I know I made a lot of mistakes. I named myself what I named myself,'" he explained to the crowd. “I’ve been convicted for my music but you know what? That can’t stop an innocent man and music is not a crime and naming yourself something is not a crime.’ Evidence shows that he is innocent. We can’t wait to get him home. We love y’all. We gonna keep supporting this movement.”

Miller was convicted of murder in 2009, and has maintained his innocence ever since.