We're barely halfway through the summer, but at this point it's pretty safe to crown Ty Dolla Sign as the year's real MVP. Just take a look at the dude's songwriting credits and you'll quickly understand why. The hook god has appeared on blockbuster projects by a plethora of big-name artists these last few months, and he's added major sauce to them all in the process.

Lost among these high profile features, however, is Ty's incredible body of original material (both out now and on the horizon). Along with his recently re-released LP, Beach House 3, fans have plenty to be excited about, including a collaborative tape with Jeremih, a new solo LP primed for the near future, and rumoured work with Teyana Taylor — for what it's worth, his management team was quick change the subject when bringing up the latter.

We were lucky enough to have a few minutes with the maestro before his stop at Bud Light's House Party Tour in Toronto. Rocking some aggressively iced out shades, Ty blessed the city's east end and performed to a small crowd in what felt like the most bonkers Airbnb jam you could imagine. During the chat, Ty reflected on his recent string of home runs, linking up with some of his idols, and even Lebron James signing with his hometown Lakers.

You've had an amazing year so far with massive placements on albums by Kanye, Cudi, and Post Malone. Talk about this incredible run you've been on lately.

I feel like this whole music shit from the beginning to now is like rolling dice. You know, sometimes you get a six and you win, and other times you get a seven at the wrong time and you lose. I haven't had too many losses, but you never know. In these sessions I just deliver what I can — sometimes my ideas make it, sometimes they don't. Lately everything's been making it, so it's been really good.

I'm not sure how much you lurk online, but a lot of people have called you the MVP of GOOD Music's Wyoming sessions. Can you speak on those projects and how they came together?

You know, people always ask me who I want to work with and I've always said Kid Cudi. So when Kanye called me and told me that he was working on an album with Cudi, I was like wow, this is really happening. You know, I've also always said that I wanted to do a song with Beyonce and Jay Z and that shit happened too this year.

Obviously you've had these big cuts in 2018, but what's one song or feature of yours that everyone is sleeping on right now?

Man, I loved working with 21 Savage on our song "Clout". I love working with him because of the whole energy he brings to the table. So that's the one song for sure. Go stream that now!

I want to talk about your musical inspirations, because one thing many people might not know about you is how diverse your taste is. You pulled up today with a boombox, blasting "Helplessness Blues" by Fleet Foxes.

I listen to everything! It just needs to make me feel, you know? I like anything from Fleet Foxes to Lord Infamous. So it's a wide range of stuff and I try to apply it to my music as you can see on Beach House 3. I have "Don't Sleep on Me" with Future, but I also have "Famous" with John Mayer — again I put it out there that I wanted to work with John Mayer on a track and he DM'd me on Instagram and it just happened.

Speaking of collaborations, you're working on an album with Jeremih right now called MihTy. You just put out a video for the first single "The Light". When can we expect the full project?

The album is amazing, we got Jeremih who is one of the coldest dudes out here in hip-hop and R&B. Then you got me and the homie HitMaka cooking. I don't want to say much about it right now, but it's amazing and it's coming very soon. We got some joints that people have been missing for sure.

Totally switching gears here for a minute, but I have to ask you about this because you just posted about it on Instagram. Lebron James is coming to L.A. and I know you're a huge Lakers fan, you must be stoked.

You already know! I mean, it's gonna be exciting. Lebron is the king out here, so you know what's gonna happen! I've always been a huge Lakers fan. If you listen to my earlier music it's always been Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. Not the Clippers! My daughter happens to be a big Clippers fan, so when I take her to games, she'll wear her jersey and I'll wear mine. I will say this, there were a lot of people bandwagoning and now they're back all of a sudden. But it's cool, shout out to Lebron. I hit him up when the news broke and I was like broooo!!! [laughs]

Everyone wants you to add your sauce to their project or single right now, but when are we getting some more solo material from you?

Oh, a new album is in the works for sure! It's more personal vibes as far as the lyrics go. But it's still in the very early stages right now.

Your work on Drake's Scorpion is having a huge moment right now. What does it mean to be on a track with him, and more importantly, the legendary Static Major?

It was a special moment for me for sure. When Drake played the demo and told me it was Static doing the high note, I already could tell it was him. I was like, wow, Static has been one of my biggest inspirations growing up. His group Playa, "Lollipop" with Lil Wayne, and everything Missy and Timbaland were working on, you could hear how important his influence has been to music.

It was definitely an honour to be on a track with him... and Drake too. Legends in the game, and on the same album with a feature from goddamn Michael Jackson! When I saw that the features on the album were Jay Z, Michael, Static, and me!? It didn't feel real. But yeah, shout out Drake man. He's one of the best in the game and it was dope that we could finally work together... and we got more stuff on the way.

Finally, we have to talk about this Bud Light House Party experience. You're playing a set literally in someone's house, it's an incredibly intimate setting here.

Everyone is going to be up close here, and that's why I think it'll be more fun than a stadium show. This is how we started too, you know YG, Mustard, and me going to house parties sipping Bud Light obviously [laughs]. I'm excited about it, French Montana is doing it too (in Vancouver), it'll be a good vibe.