Jay Worthy has gotta be one of the most interesting rappers out there, not only for his street lyrics and classic West Coast style, but for his wild biography: He's a Vancouver native who spent his formative years in the city, but is also a Piru Blood who clocked a producer credit for Noisey's "Bompton" thanks to his assistance assembling those who repped for the red in the documentary. He was also once roommates with The Game's brother Big Fase, best known for his affiliation with Compton's Cedar Block set, and if all that that wasn't crazy enough he's also the stepbrother of Grimes (yes, THAT Grimes). 

Production duo Live Evil has tapped their hometown homie for a new bop entitled "Still The Same," and if you're a fan of Worthy's brand of contemporary gangsta rap then you'll definitely want to take a listen. Live Evil paints a perfect canvas for Worthy's laid-back flow that has all the elements you'd want in a West Coast classic, complete with a hypnotic groove and deep bass.

Listen to "Still The Same" below via Spotify and don't forget to add it to your playlists. Also be sure to check out Jay Worthy's latest single with his LNDN DRGS project, "Tomorrow."

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