In the many years we’ve known him, there have been many different versions of Drake. There’s Degrassi Drake, there’s “give away a million dollars” Drake, and there’s Jamaican accent Drake. But there’s one Drake that underlies all of those: sad boy Drake. It’s there in all his lyrics, it’s there in his ironic Instagram captions, and it used to be very evident on his Twitter, even if he hasn’t used the social media platform to its fullest for several years now. 

In fact, a fine example is a recently unearthed 2012 tweet in which Drake simply asked, “What am I gonna do? Say no?” The only difference between 2012 and 2018 is that time has broken every last barrier in our internet selves, and any social media move is meme fodder. That’s just what’s happened with this particular moody Drake tweet. 

BuzzFeed reports that a Twitter user who goes by the name Chrissy started this recent meme after using Drizzy’s old tweet as a response to whether she should give in to the temptations of boba tea. 

The meme-hungry masses loved the idea and ran with it. The results are hilarious and super relatable, perfectly illustrating just how funny it is that literally none of us have any discipline whatsoever.