Vince Staples is out at Primavera Sound Barcelona 2018 and sat down with Mike D and Matt Wilkinson to discuss the nature of live performances, the urge to release new music before the year is over, owning both a Tesla and a flamethrower, and inevitably—Drake, Pusha-T, and the state of hip-hop beef.

“Until somebody dies, I don’t care,” he half-jokingly explained. “Please don’t talk about me in songs. Be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you and I’ll give you a ride in my car, if it’s charged.” 

Check out what Vince has to say about Drake and Pusha’s beef, and how he really couldn’t care any less about this stuff:

While he’s unimpressed by the endless back and forth diss tracks by the OVO Sound co-founder and G.O.O.D. Music president, the Long Beach rapper does have some enthusiasm for his car, and accompanying flamethrower:

Peep the full interview on Apple Music, or below, for your pleasure:

In the past few years, Vince has officially joined the ranks as one of the most entertaining acts in rap: from his hilarious guest appearance on Everyday Struggle, his remarks between wings on Hot Ones, to the comments about R. Kelly still being a viable artist while he’s alleged to have groomed young girls to become sex objects—the man has no politically correct limits, and we’re most definitely here for it.