Drake’s fifth studio album Scorpion is almost here.

The details of the project have slowly been revealed throughout the day: An A-Side and B-Side totaling 25 songs, with features from Michael Jackson, JAY-Z, Static Major, and Ty Dolla Sign, and an array of producers, who have shared the tracklist on social media confirming their work. So far, it looks like DJ Premier, No I.D., Murda Beatz, and Allen Ritter contributed to Scorpion, and now you can add DJ Paul, of the legendary group Three 6 Mafia, to the list.

DJ Paul teased he produced “Talk Up,” the fourth Drake/JAY-Z collab following “Light Up,” “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music,” and “Pop Style,” on IG with a devil emoji.

Speaking with VIBE, Paul shared the story of getting a call from Drake to send him beats. Paul gave him the instrumental to his upcoming single, co-produced by TWhy Xclusive.

“The song was actually my new single,” he tells VIBE. “Everybody’s been waiting on me to bring out my new single, but I was like ‘shit, he can have this motherfucker. Fuck that.’ Because I’ve got tons of beats, I can do that with my eyes closed. I sent it to him, and he loved it.”

Paul says Drake hit him up at 4 a.m., which was a surprise to him. He’s been a fan of Drake’s and wanted to work with him for a long time.

“I’ve been wanting to work with him for a while, but we never did anything. He’s a fan of my music, I’m a fan of his music,” he says. “He had my voice on his last album, from a BET skit. He had me on there talking. And on ‘Look Alive,’ he used some lines from us on that song. That’s a song we also spent money off of. I knew he was fucking with my stuff, I was fucking with his stuff forever. I always thought he was one of the best artists out, so it was perfect.”

As for JAY-Z and knowing he'd be on it? He didn't. “He was added on later. … I haven’t even heard it, actually,” he says. “I’ve heard pieces of it. I’m even excited about what’s about to go down. Drake is secret with it because he can’t release nothing like that. I’ve heard pieces, I haven’t even heard the final final [version].”

Like the rest of us, DJ Paul will be waiting for Scorpion to drop so he can listen to the final product of “Talk Up.” For the full VIBE interview, you can head here to read it.