Now that we’ve arrived at the 10-year anniversary of Three 6 Mafia’s hit album Last 2 Walk, it seems like DJ Paul has a lot to say about his co-founder, Juicy J.

Paul took to social media on Monday to reprimand Juice, airing out his grievances through a series of tweets, where he particularly called out Juice for hating him, hinted at Juice being “a loner,” and noted that Paul is still cool with the “click” that Juice turned to after Three 6, Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang. The rant spanned a few hours.

Soon after the release of Last 2 Walk, both Juice and Paul started pursuing solo careers, which were markedly different. While Juice went the route of Taylor Gang affiliate, collaborated with Katy Perry on a No. 1 single ("Dark Horse"), and achieved platinum and gold status for some of his solo cuts, Paul remained underground, dropped a number of mixtapes, and signed to Yelawolf’s Slumerican imprint. Paul also joined with previous Three 6 Mafia members Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous, and Gangsta Boo to form Da Mafia 6x in 2013, without Juice.

Since then, DJ Paul has been outspoken about his split from Juicy J. In an interview with HipHopDX in 2014, Paul divulged that Juice didn’t want to join Da Mafia 6x because of his success as a solo artist.

“I already knew there wasn’t gonna be no Three 6 Mafia reunion, so I hadn’t never even spoke about that,” Paul said. “On my Instagram, when fans be asking, ‘Is there gon’ be a reunion,’ I’ll just be like, ‘Probably not.’ I mean, probably not if you’re doing a song with some of these folks, like some of the people Juicy doing songs with.”

Paul continued, “You know, [Juicy J] good, but you doing a song with Katy Perry or someone like that and you doing good, you ain’t gonna be in no rush to go to no studio full of those ni**as doing cocaine and arguing and fighting. Well, it’s not like that anymore, but that’s kinda how crazy the group was as he might remember then when we were all together 14 years ago.”

Both Juice and Paul have been releasing new material, with Juice dropping Rubba Band Business and his Suicide Boys collaboration ShutDaFukUp and Paul releasing Underground Vol. 17 For Da Summa.

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