Beyoncé and Jay Z Chill Nude in On the Run II Tour Book Photos

The famous couple produced a batch of books to accompany their On the Run II tour. In them lie a number of revealing, never-before-seen photos of the two artists scantily clothes.

Early on, Beyoncé and Jay Z labeled their On the Run II Tour a more personal experience than a typical tour. For those lucky enough to cop tickets to one of the shows, fans get to witness the power couple perform tough songs about love, loss, and infidelity with each other. But it’s not only though the live performance that the Carters decided to open up to fans. As Hip Hop ‘N More reports, the couple also shared some revealing, intimate photos of themselves in their tour book during last night's show in Glasgow.

In the photos, the usually private couple is seen lounging in bed mostly nude, as Jay smokes a cigar and Bey reads a newspaper while donning nothing but a thong.

In another photo, Queen Bey lies naked on a beach with only a thin newspaper covering her derriere. And in yet another, Mrs. Carter’s backside is pictured as she stands completely nude on the beach.

Theses photos are indisputably priceless gems bestowed graciously to fans. The Carters didn't have to do this for us, but they did, so let's stop whining about not seeing the twins and enjoy these beautiful images. Theses photos follow along the Bonnie & Clyde narrative teased throughout various aspects of the tour, merch, and visuals, and show off Bey and Jay’s “don’t give a fuck” attitude, as they play star-crossed lovers stealing whatever they need to get by.  

So far, it seems like the only place one can get their hands on a tour book is by going to a stop on the tour itself. If you haven’t copped tickets yet, you can get them here. The couple’s U.S. leg of the OTRII Tour kicks off on July 25 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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