Zayn, like anyone who knows art when they see it, would like his chance at a key Atlanta spot.

In a new interview with GQ, Zayn revealed that Donald Glover's Atlanta team had reached out to him about a possible appearance on the brilliant FX series. Zayn is wisely interested in this opportunity but is apparently has a fairly specific idea of what such a role should entail. 

"If the part's right, I'd be really into it," he told writer Carrie Battan, who noted that Zayn is "mulling the potential" of the possible part.

Zayn is joined in the 'I Really Want a Role' on Atlanta club by myself and Lil Yachty, who confirmed earlier this month that he still has hope. "I was supposed to be on the first season but I had shit to do," he revealed to one of TMZ's paid celebrity botherers. "I couldn't make it. I remember that some shit was supposed to go down, but I couldn't even do it." Since then, Yachty has made a point to campaign for a role as either "a goon, a drug dealer, [or] a crack addict" on Glover's critically acclaimed series. "Bruh, I've seen Donald Glover, like, twice and every time I ever see him I say, 'Bruh, please put me on the show,'" Yachty said. "He knows."

Though we don't have a specific premiere date just yet, Atlanta is expected to return with its third season next year. Glover has already compared the season 3 vibes to those found on Kanye West's 2007 trilogy-completing album Graduation.