Last time we checked in on Jae and Trey Richards, the two YouTube stars were hanging out with Drake and blessing us with the sequel to the now iconic T-Dot Goon Scrap DVD. Since that fateful day, the comedian brothers of 4Yall Entertainment have been steadily cooking up videos on various media channels, producing longform vlogs, group chats, and of course, hilarious sketches.

Needless to say, if you don't already follow the mandem, it's best you do so immediately. And while their myriad of videos are entertaining in many different ways, the Richards boys thankfully return to their comedic roots on a regular basis and deliver skits that quickly become Toronto canon.

Last night, 4Yall made sure to keep everyone fed by dropping a fresh comedic short: this time parodying Genius' excellent Verified series. Much like its direct inspiration, the 4Yall satire sees buzzing rappers break down lyrics from their viral hits. But instead of interviewing emerging talent like JuiceWRLD and YBN Nahmir, we're introduced to wild new characters played by Jae and Trey. In this "Jeanius" episode, we get an exclusive sit-down with Scuba Da Surfa and Sneaky Sammy who walk viewers through the bonkers track "Gettin Cash Everyday".

As expected, things go off the deep end rather quickly and Jae and Trey *clears throat* I mean, Scuba and Sammy, shed light on fire bars about real estate, lap area mascara stains, and getting money on the daily. You can watch the entire video above via YouTube. And be sure to stick to 4Yall's channel for more memeable content.