Brazilian duo Balako expedite a style blended with elements of salsa, house, funk and disco, resulting in the crafting of neat, magnetic anthems.

The pair's 2017 debut EP, Hora De Balako, set the agenda and they return with new release Jungle Music, slated for next month. Releasing the title track and accompanying video, they provide a glimpse into the sounds and sights of Brazil, against a funk-filled clashing of instrumentation. As a producer/composer combo, Balako's major plus point stems from their non-usage of samples to craft their sound. "Everything is played 100% live," they tell us.

"Rio is a city surrounded by chaos and social injustice; it's people often angered by the corruption and fragility of its make-up, but still we find a reason to smile and have fun... while still hustling," says Diogo. "Contradictions like these create a lot of depth and inspire us to keep creating."

Watch the video for "Jungle Music" exclusively above.