Former couple Nas and Kelis remain embroiled in an ongoing battle. Last year, they were working out a custody agreement for their son Knight, and now, the war continues to wage over child support. In response to Kelis' claims that the $8,000 a month she's currently receiving from the Queens rapper just isn't enough, Nas has revealed some personal financial records of his own.

TMZ obtained legal documents filed by Nas, that calculate his monthly spending as totaling $76,834.04. The documents also allege that Nas' monthly income comes to a staggering $175,000 a month, and he has more than $8.3 million in the bank. Far from chump change, this divulgence of the rapper's monetary assets will be used by a judge to determine how much Kelis will be able to receive in any future child support payments, TMZ says.

This latest entanglement between the former couple comes shortly after Kelis revealed some disturbing claims about the volatility of their prior relationship. The singer and chef dropped some serious information about alleged physical and emotional abuse that had occurred during their marriage, which Nas has since been quietly dismissive of through subtle social media comments.

Hopefully, for all parties involved, the child support claims will be promptly resolved, and both can move forward from this messy situation.