Cuban Doll has followed up her May 10 release of the “Bankrupt Remix” featuring Lil Yachty and Lil Baby with a video for the song.

In the visual, we see Cuban Da Savage and a friend pull up to the grocery store where their friend works. The three mischievously run throughout the store, throwing money in the air, wrecking displays, driving motorized shopping carts, and generally wreaking havoc. At one point, Lil Yachty pops up behind the meat counter, and him and Lil Baby trade verses over the hard-knocking beat.

Cuban Doll released the original version of the song “Bankrupt” in December 2017. Since then, the original video has garnered over six million views.

Recently, the Dallas native took to Instagram to address alleged domestic abuse by her rumored boyfriend, Glo Gang associate Tadoe.

“I've been scared to speak out on this situation but I refuse to continue to hurt in silence,” her statement said. “This isn't the first or second or third time that this has happened to me. It has been happening for a while and I never spoke about it publicly because I never want people to think that I'm weak.”

The statement continued to say, “It's scary to be vulnerable, social media is mean, but now I don't have a choice. I know I'm not alone and there are other women that can relate to this who are also afraid to speak out.”