Cuban Doll released a statement on Tuesday via Instagram addressing alleged domestic abuse by her rumored boyfriend, Glo Gang associate Tadoe.

"I've been scared to speak out on this situation but I refuse to continue to hurt in silence," the statement says. "This isn't the first or second or third time that this has happened to me. It has been happening for a while and I never spoke about it publicly because I never want people to think that I'm weak." 

The statement continued to say, "It's scary to be vulnerable, social media is mean, but now I don't have a choice. I know I'm not alone and there are other women that can relate to this who are also afraid to speak out."

The post is captioned, "Domestic violence is no joke! Y’all making one big joke out of this making songs & memes but what if it was your mother then what I guess y’all would laugh in her face & tell her she deserve everything that’s happening and for a 26yr old man to go and make a song with some younger kid just shows you there true colors."

The rapper released the statement just days after videos posting videos of herself with bruises, in the hospital. Rumors have been going around since then that the injuries were from Tadoe, who is affiliated with Chief Keef.

On Saturday, after Trippie Redd said on Instagram that he gets "a finder's fee" from 6ix9ine's music, Cuban Doll and 6ix9ine went on Instagram Live, according to XXL. Later that night, Cuban went on Instagram Live again, this time from a hospital. With bruises on her face, she said in the video, "You a bitch, it's the truth. This really what the fuck happens. This n***a talk to all the bitches, but be mad when I talk to anybody." 

On Tuesday, Trippie Redd teased a new song "I Kill People" featuring Chief Keef and Tadoe, which is a nod to Tadoe's recent beef with 6ix9ine.