One of the main stars of FOX’s hit show Star, Ryan Destiny, just linked up with Quavo for a track called “Lifetime.” According to Billboard, the Migos member has been a guest star on the FOX series in the past, with this collab serving as a promotional project for the upcoming season. As you can see, this isn’t your typical clip. While it primarily works as a music video, it’s more of a lyric video to get the theme of the song across, and it’s smaller than a standard video as it’s confined to one location.

The clip, which boils down to Quavo and Destiny singing in a studio covered in velvet drapery with warm, reddish lighting, reportedly premiered on Billboard earlier today. “I paid all my bills for a lifetime,” Quavo sings early on in the track, adding “I know ya need me.” Destiny hits back with a hook proclaiming, “one time for the grind, for the time, that you give your whole life just to see the bright lights with the shine.”

While this isn’t really a banger, it seems to do exactly what it set out to do—promote the new season of Star and work as an acceptable RnB/Pop song you wouldn’t mind overhearing at a bar on Friday night. According to Billboard, “Lifetime” will be part of Star’s upcoming episode on Wednesday, April 11th, and is already available to stream or download. Star was created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy and revolves around the grind involved in making it as a musician in Atlanta.