Any weirdo (me) who's ever followed recruiting for their favorite college football team knows that highlight tapes can be very misleading. After about a year or two of fawning over incoming freshman who end up glued to the bench, you learn to exercise caution when getting your hopes up. But, in order to compile one you need to have some actual highlights. I mean, it's right in the damn name.

With that in mind, Quavo, a former prep quarterback who has already had his HS career written about ad nauseam, and who previously joked about trying out for the Houston Texans, revealed his never before seen high school highlight reel on Tuesday. In the minute-long clip, the one-third-of-Migos can be seen both scrambling and airing it out with reckless abandon:

The footage was originally posted to his IG (though it's more watchable in Twitter video form) just below this image of Migos on the Super Troopers 2 set:

Quavo has said that he uploaded the video to build hype for his celebrity flag football game, which is currently set for Easter Sunday.

According to a Bleacher Report write-up from 2017, the Berkmar Panthers (Quavo's high school team) went 1-9 in 2009 with him under center, though that was not attributed to his play at quarterback. As his former coach said, "He was very smart on the field [and] understood the offense and how to read the defense." He also led the county in passing yards that year (according to his coach) and owns multiple spots in the Georgia record books for most completions in a single game.