On Friday, British singer Jorja Smith announced that her debut album, Lost & Found, will be dropping on June 8.

The long-awaited project comes after years of steadily building steam. She dropped her debut EP Project 11 in 2016, followed by a legit club hit in "On My Mind" the next year, and landed on the Black Panther soundtrack with the song "I Am." Of course, she was introduced to many stateside listeners thanks to her feature on Drake's "Get It Together," which appeared on 2017's More Life.

Smith has been making waves as an independent artist, even initially saying no to appearing on "Get It Together." "He told me about the song," she told Billboard last year. "I write all of my music. That song was already written. It's a cover. The original is Black Coffee 'Superman.'"

“I’m not going to do a song just because it’s with Drake," Smith said to British GQ in a recently published feature. Smith also didn't "get" the breakup song, but after going through a split of her own, Smith "messaged him, like, ‘Can I still…?’” She could, and "Get It Together" came together. Drake popped up at Smith's Toronto gig last year to perform their collaboration.

Smith also took home the Critics' Choice Award at December's BRIT Awards. A lot of people said I wouldn’t win because I wasn’t with a label,” Smith told GQ.