"Trouble's been going hard for so long, but when me and him drop this project," Mike Will Made-It said during a Breakfast Club interview in early 2017, "I feel like this project is just gonna explode. And then Drake ended up hopping on it and everything."

A year later, Mike Will signed the Atlanta rapper to Ear Drummer Records and paved the way for Trouble's new project, Edgewood. "No other producer and artist combo can pull off what Trouble and I are about to do,” Mike said. "Edgewood is only the beginning. I really felt like it was time for a level up for Trouble–I’ve been watching his grind for years now, since we were young as fuck, coming up in Atlanta on the music scene, trying to make something out of nothing.

Trouble thanked Mike Will on Instagram after the announcement, and said, "All my struggles served a purpose. It's time."

Following the release of lead single "Bring It Back" featuring Drake and "Real Is Rare (Edgewood) / The Woods," Edgewood has arrived—featuring additional appearances from the Weeknd, Quavo, Boosie, Fetty Wap, and Big Bank.

"Trouble is the only person from the city who’s going to give you that raw, pure, honest, real rap, mixed with originality, new flavor, new flows and new lingo," Mike Will explained. "He has the grind, work ethic, and dedication to back it up and the city knows.”

You can listen to Edgewood now on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify below.