James Corden is known for his epic carpool karaoke with celebrities, but for his latest sketch, he enlisted Shaggy to remix his famed hit "It Wasn't Me" with a Donald Trump twist.

Instead of denying his girlfriend's accusations that he's cheating (despite catching him), Shaggy is dressed as 45 (terrible wig included) and refuting any claims about Russia being involved in the 2016 election. Corden portrays a rap version of Robert Mueller, the special counsel who's overseeing the Russia investigation. While Corden's Mueller waits outside the Oval Office with boxes of evidence, Shaggy's Trump attempts to destroy all the paper trails to Russia, packs a suitcase, and finds time to get spanked by a lady in red, who may be Stormy Daniels.

This is far from the first time Shaggy teamed up with Corden to use his infamous catchphrase. Back in January, he joined the late-night host and Sting for a segment, Subway Karaoke, which aired during the 2018 Grammy Awards. In the sketch, Corden ends up getting into a shouting match with a construction worker who urged them to stay quiet on the subway ride. But in the end, it's Corden with a bloody nose. As the three sit in awkward silence, Shaggy breaks it by saying "it wasn't me."

The latest appearances come as Shaggy is promoting his upcoming Netflix film Game Over, Man and his Caribbean-inspired album with Sting, 44/876. The film arrives on the streaming platform on March 23, while the album is slated to be released on April 20.

In the meantime, catch the hilarious spoof above.