Nav isn’t too pleased with XXL’s Freshman Class, something he openly expressed on his latest cut “Freshman List.” Now, he’s taken to airing his grievances out on social media.

The Toronto artist quoted his aforementioned song (“I wouldn’t show up for the freshman list") and added, “FUCK @XXL YOUR MAGAZINE IS TRASH🚮🚮SORRY WEBSITE 😂😂. To my fellow artists—we shouldn’t look to a magazine for validation or to tell us if we 'hot or not,' especially one that hasn't been credible for 10 years @xxl. Make music for yourself and your fans. I would never show up for the Freshman List cuz I don't need their approval 😈.”

The reason for Nav’s outburst is a bit unclear, particularly because the Freshman Class for 2018 hasn't been announced yet. He was pretty transparent about his feelings though, as he states on “Freshman List”: “I was made for this shit, rookie of the year/I wouldn’t show up for the freshman list/Your swag expired, you ain’t fresh like this.”

Nav is gearing up for an important year. A few days prior to releasing the new song, he announced his first headlining tour, called Freshman. He’s also set to drop his debut album, which he says is “pretty much done.”

“I'm really heavily involved in the production this time, as far as like the beats and stuff... It's got some good features on there,” he told Tim Westwood in February. “[…] It’s coming very soon. I’m gonna announce it, sooner or later. You’re gonna get a date.”