Nav is a pretty mysterious guy. So mysterious that his Tuesday interview with Real 92.3 Los Angeles is one of the only radio interviews he's done, according to hosts Bootleg Kev and DJ Damage.

The Toronto rapper and producer touched on everything from the moment he started making beats at 16, to who he’s making beats with now. But most importantly, he shared the fact that he’s working on his next project, and it’s coming out very soon.

“I’m working on my third project,” he said. “But yeah, that one’s like pretty much done.”

When asked when exactly the project’s coming out, he noted, “ASAP. It’s coming very soon… I’m gonna announce it, sooner or later. You’re gonna get a date.”

Nav also spoke on the making of Drake’s Meek Mill diss track, “Back to Back,” the first-ever Grammy-nominated diss record.

“I had no idea that was going to be ‘Back to Back,’ Nav admitted. “That was my first beat placement ever, like I never produced any big song. So I was just in the studio with another producer and it was 3 a.m. I wanted to go home to be honest. And he was like, just start up some melodies—and that’s what I do, I usually play the keys and stuff, and I started that main one that’s in the beat, and there’s like six other sounds in there. The beat was like half the speed—it was like really slow. Then two or three days later, I hear the song come on. I’m like what the hell—is that the same beat? And it was, they just sped it up… I couldn’t believe [it].”

He continued, “I thought the beat sucked to be honest, when we made it. But when they sped it up I kinda liked it more. But when we made that beat, I did not like the beat.”