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After racking up almost half a million views on his "Southside" video, Toronto's rising star Lil Berete (pronounced beretta) is back with the sequel, the appropriately titled "Northside." The two companion tracks are a raw introduction to the 17-year-old and his crew, celebrating the Regent Park neighbourhood they call home and their once-opposing South and North sides which are now unified under one banner, STN (Southside To Northside). 

The King Bee-directed video for "Northside" is a powerfully reflective peek into the young artist's world, one in which he balances being a rising star determined to reach success, while at the same time still dealing with the realities of life inside one of Canada’s oldest and largest housing projects. 

Take in the video above and watch out for Lil Berete's debut mixtape which is reportedly due later this year.