Joyner Lucas and Logic's back and forth just got a bit more personal.

Recently, rumors surfaced that Logic (real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II) and singer Jessica Andrea are ending their marriage of two years. Neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumor, but their persistent silence on the issue hasn't done much to quell the public's suspicions. 

Lucas decided to throw salt in the proverbial wound of his rival by commenting on the rumored divorce and reportedly following her. Shortly thereafter, Andrea deleted her Instagram page entirely.

The "I'm Not Racist" rapper continued to hit below the belt with a not-so-subliminal jab at Logic's shaky relationship status. "Her and bobby Valentino are really done?” he wrote, adding the heart eyes and eyeball emojis.

Last December, Lucas accused Logic of being disrepscful by handing in a "wack verse" for the Tech N9ne song "Sriracha." He then went on to accuse him of ripping off his idea for the hit song “1-800-273-8255,” claiming it was inspired by his plans to name his debut album, 508-507-2209. Furthermore, he says he felt disrespected by Logic's tendency to be distant to "new people."

“I didn’t want to jump out the window and be like, ‘I’m the one who came up with the suicide song.’ Cool. You separating a good cause, my man. Let’s both do it," Lucas said during an appearance on Everyday Struggle. "But at the same time, the Tech shit, this shit, the management. That’s what prompted me to jump out the window and when we went into interviews, that’s what prompted me to be like, ‘I think he corny,’” he says.

Though he didn't name names, fans assumed Logic sent a shot in response to Lucas' interview on the Bobby Tarantino II track “Yuck” with the verse: “Talkin’ shit ’bout Logic, I never respond/I’ll let success talk, ’cause a word of advice/More achievements for yourself and less talk/ Cats beef with Logic, yeah, they prayin’ I respond/ If I ever did, I dead you in this game with no respawn.”