TMZ is reporting that Logic, who's fresh off the release of his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape, is splitting with his wife Jessica Andrea. The couple married in October 2015 after two years of dating, but now it sounds like it's coming to an end. The pair were married for two years, but now rumors are surfacing that they're looking to get divorced soon.

Logic turned up to the Grammys, where he was nominated for two awards, with Jessica by his side, so it's unclear as to when they split if the rumors turn out to be true. Fans noticed that Jessica unfollowed Logic on Instagram not too long ago, further fueling the rumors of trouble between the two. Neither of them have commented on it yet, but they're both still following each other on Twitter.

Career-wise, the last year has been very good to Logic. The rapper recently said he signed a huge deal with Def Jam, although the specifics of the figure remain shaky. He's set to go on an extensive tour in support of both Bobby Tarantino II and Everybody soon. The tour will be his biggest yet, seeing him perform in arena-sized crowds.