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50 Cent is known for his savage remarks but his latest attack on Rick Ross may have gone too far.

TMZ reports Ross was rushed to the hospital on Thursday morning after he was found unresponsive. Now, a police report, obtained by The Blast, is giving a bit more information including Ross "boo-bood on himself" and was "slobbing out the mouth." The situation seems serious as well as since Ross has a history of seizures and TMZ says he could have pneumonia.

But the severity of the situation didn't stop 50 from clowning Ross. In a since-deleted Instagram, 50 posted a screenshot of an article about the situation with the caption "no comment." It still spoke volumes though as Instagrammers started commenting to say how wrong he was to kick Ross while he was down.

Of course, 50 didn't let up. "Who gonna clean that up," he wrote in the comments. "Wait, ya think if I shit myself on the floor, no ones gonna say nothing," read another comment from 50. He even claimed drug use could have been the reason for the incident. "Look I didn't tell that ni66a to use the drugs, shit come wit it. LOL," he wrote.

50 and Ross have a longstanding feud including the time the Miami rapper called 50 a "donkey" and when 50 made fun of Ross' lackluster album sales for Black Market. With 50's latest move, it's even more unlikely for the two to ever squash their beef.