Toronto singer, Nadia Stone, may seem like she's coming out of nowhere, but the KARMAXWAVE affiliate has been putting in work for a minute now. The talented and well-traveled artist has cut her chops in studios sessions throughout Italy, the United States, and her home right here in Canada.

Now, and after some creative hibernation, Stone is ready to release her next project: an EP entitled, Two Birds, One Stone. According to her team, the collection of songs is a result of Nadia going "back to the drawing board" in order to harness "a distinct dreamy sound for Hip Hop & R&B" similar to that of modern classics like Aaliyah.

Earlier last week, Stone confidently delivered that throwback sound by way of a new and incredibly soulful cut called "Kandy". The track, which serves as the lead single for Two Birds, conveys the almost aquatic and hypnotic atmosphere that her artist statement so boldly promised. Visuals were handled by 88Everything and show Nadia walking through a sunny, Californian cityscape—it's also capped off with a tongue in cheek skit. You can watch the video above via YouTube.