Late last year, Smokepurpp announced that he signed to Travis Scott's Cactus Jack Records imprint in addition to his deal with Alamo Records and Interscope. Along with the news, the young Miami rapper dropped a song with Scott called "Fingers Blue" as a surprise addition to his debut project, Deadstar.

Five months later, Smokepurpp previewed the song's official video on Instagram. Now, finally, the Nabil and White Trash Tyler-directed clip has arrived—and it's well worth the wait.

The four-minute clip follows Travis Scott as he makes a trip to Smokepurpp's grandma's house for a smoke session and VHS tapes. From there, everything gets trippy as reality becomes distorted by whatever Smokepurpp's grandma is cooking up in the kitchen.

If this video is anything to go on, it seems Smokepurpp has found a suitable home at Cactus Jack. His wild style was an obvious fit from the jump, but Scott's focus on a strong visual aesthetic could go a long way in presenting that energy in a way that connects with a mainstream audience.

In a recent interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, the Miami rapper said Scott has already imparted in him how important it is to always put out good energy into the world. "He has good energy and he puts out good energy—performing, in his music, around him, everything," Smokepurpp explained. He also hinted at more music on the way: "From the first day I met him, we started making music. ['Fingers Blue'] wasn't our first collab."

You can watch the premiere of Smokepurpp's "Fingers Blue" video above.