There's no escaping the endless horrors we see in the Middle East, especially in Syria, and the constant stream of horrific scenes that are played out across the media can be overwhelming. Moved by the situationand the suffering of the Syrian peopleR&B songstress Shay Lia has linked up with production savant Kaytranada, for a profound new single in "Cherish".

"Cherish" is the latest in a series of collaborations between the two Montreal artists, the most notable being the stone-cold classic "Leave Me Alone". As with all their joint efforts, "Cherish" is as smooth as ever; unlike past works, however, the minor keys and melancholic edge to Shay's voice betray the pain of her song's subjects before the lyrics even register.

It can be easy to turn away from suffering like this, so let's hear it for art that forces us to face up to what's going on around us.

The track, which comes out today, has also been picked up by Kitsuné America for a compilation in partnership with the NBA. Pre-order that on vinyl here.