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Lupe Fiasco let fans hear a previously scrapped Drogas Light track Sunday night. "Harold's," which was once teased as part of Fiasco's hourlong 2017 album, is a tribute to Harold's Chicken Shack. "This one dedicated to you big bro," Fiasco said in a birthday message to Harold "Huggy Bear" Perkins Sunday. "I couldn't find a gift so I figured I bring you back to the crib one time."

Though Fiasco didn't offer fans a SoundCloud link or any other way to easily revisit the previously unreleased track, he did provide some visuals:

In a tweet from May 2016, "Harold's" was named as part of Drogas Light's potential tracklist. The final tracklist omitted "Harold's" and reshuffled others, ultimately clocking in at 14 tracks long.

Fiasco, who spent the first few weeks of the year making stolen cover art claims and accusing Kendrick Lamar of not being a "top tier lyricist," recently announced that he would now start participating in elections following Trump's "shithole countries" idiocy. "I don't agree with everything Democrats are about or have done & I possibly never will be able to reconcile my deep disagreements but pure racism masquerading as policy is alive & well within the Republican Party & it has to go," Fiasco said on Twitter. "Midterm elections are November 6th!"

As for the status on Fiasco's previously announced Drogas Wave and Skulls projects, the last we heard was that both releases had apparently been put on pause.