If Lupe Fiasco moves forward with his plans of releasing the projects Drogas Wave and Skulls, it appears neither release will hit shelves or digital retailers this calendar year. 

Lupe confirmed as much via Twitter when a fan asked him about the two additional projects he originally announced in 2016.

“Where's the other albums you promised us this year????” @Batz1993 asked, presumably inquiring about Drogas Wave and Skulls.

“Promise broken,” Lupe replied. “No more albums this year. Spread the word.”

Logistically, this makes sense, as Lu just released the video for “Made in the USA” in mid-August. That drop was six months after the formal release of Drogas Light, which Complex named one of the best albums of 2017.

Of course, things may always change. The Chicago native feigned retirement in December of 2016 after facing accusations of anti-Semitism for one of his bars on the track “N.E.R.D.” After controversy broke, he tweeted, “I’m officially not releasing anymore [sic] music. Albums cancelled.” That incident came just a few months after Lu said both Drogas Light and what would later be titled Drogas Wave were fully recorded but being held up by sample clearance issues.

The moral of the story is that Lupe reserves the right to change his mind, but Lu fans may want to continue enjoying Drogas Light in the meantime and temper expectations for any new music until at least 2018.