Anderson .Paak’s music career didn’t pan out the way he expected. Though the 32-year-old artist admits he’s always been a fan of “sad white boy music,” he said he used to be convinced that gangster rap was his true calling.

.Paak revealed this information in a sneak peek of Showtime’s new hip-hop documentary Word Is Bond.

“I was one of two black kids at my high school, I was just used to that. I stayed in my room and made music all the time,” the artist said. “I grew up playing in church. I had a lot of soul influence and everything but I consider myself someone who has come up out of the hip-hop culture, and when I was really trying to write music, I thought I was gonna be an MC. I thought I was gonna be a gangsta rapper, I was influenced by Snoop and Dre, and there was nothing bigger than that.”

He continued: “I love Radiohead’s stuff. I like sad white boy music, too. That stuff is all important to me, and it all goes into my artistry, but it’s coming from a hip-hop perspective. I feel like it’s coming from a drummer’s perspective.”

You can check out the teaser below.

Word Is Bond is an upcoming music documentary directed by Sacha Jenkins. The project will focus on the lyricism within hip-hop, and will include interviews by Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Jadakiss, Tech N9ne, Rapsody, and Rakim.

The documentary will premiere at 10 p.m. ET, Feb. 16 on Showtime. 

Just days before the teaser was released, .Paak announced he would deliver another studio album in the upcoming months.

“[Dr. Dre] had a heavy role in this new album that’s almost done as well. Just going through the mixing phase,” he told Triple J. “I won’t say any dates but you can definitely expect it this year, sometime.”

The project will mark .Paak's first full-length release since 2016's Yes Lawd.