Fresh off the back of her runaway hit "Limelight", Nightwave is striking while the iron's hot with a brand new single, "Sanctuary". Taken from the upcoming EP of the same name, "Sanctuary" eschews the hands-in-the-air house vibes of "Limelight" in favour of a techier sound. It is, however, still packed full of the leftfield productive flair she's known for as well a lot of the out-there club sounds and rhythms that marked out her early releases. In short, a pretty neat summation of where she is right now as a producer.

Nightwave told Complex UK: "Sanctuary is the soundtrack to a rainforest club that I created in my mind; lush green plants and birds flying about, with psychedelic percussions and floaty vocals. Clubs are a sanctuary for many of us and this is my ideal, dreamy version of it."

The Sanctuary EP drops February 2 via Fools Gold. Pre-order here.