Lorde bringing a flask to the 2018 Grammys was an iconic move, and how all of us should have gone into the disappointing night. Not only did Lorde not take home an award for her incredible sophomore album Melodrama, the singer is the only woman who was nominated for Best Album of the Year. And unlike the four men nominated in that category, the Recording Academy didn’t give Lorde the opportunity to perform solo.

Fans didn’t fail to point out that old, white legends Sting and Bono had more stage time than the singer, even though neither were nominated for an award.

And now it appears Lorde is clapping back at the Academy, tweeting her tour dates for anyone who doubts the singer can “murder a stage.”

We all deserved better from last night’s Grammys, but none more than the ladies. Alessia Cara is the only woman who took home an award in any of the major categories, spurring the circulation of #GrammysSoMale. It would have been nice to see Lorde get on stage for the first time since her 2014 Grammy debut performance of "Royals," but whatever.