Iggy Azalea has a collaboration with Quavo coming out soon according to, well, Iggy Azalea. A demo version of that song, "Savior," was actually leaked last year with Verse Simmonds singing the hook, and the finished version will probably be used in an effort to gather momentum for her second album Surviving The Summer, whose release date is eventually. However, Azalea revealed on Monday that the final version would feature Quavo instead of Simmonds, according to Hip Hop N More.

Additionally, Azalea gave a tentative release date of February 1 during a CES 2018 press event in Las Vegas that was hosted by MonsterInc.:

She previously alluded to the collaboration in a since-deleted tweet, saying that "Savior" would be with Quavo after a fan wondered if the feature would be Taylor Swift.

For those wondering what the song might sound like, here's a very brief teaser that was posted to her Instagram just over a year ago:

Best of luck in extracting something from that.