Nude images of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have popped up as street art in LA to target the music industry a day before the Grammys.

A conservative street artist under the pseudonym Sabo put previously published photos of the pop stars on large posters designed to look like ads for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. The art features nude photos of Cyrus and Lady Gaga, who are both set to perform at the Grammys. The picture of Cyrus was taken by Terry Richardson, a photographer facing sexual harassment accusations from multiple models he's worked with. Gaga has also worked with RichardsonThe censored version of the posters can be seen at the Hollywood Reporter.

The pornographic fake ads include the logos for the Grammys and CBS (the music awards show will be telecast Sunday night on CBS from Madison Square Garden in New York). Some posters include the text "Long Live Music," and each says #WeAllKnew. Presumably, this hashtag is criticizing Cyrus and Gaga for working with alleged sexual predators like Richardson and not speaking out. 

These posters appear to be a more X-rated, elaborate version of the mysterious Meryl Streep "She Knew" posters that popped up all over the streets of LA  in December.

Sabo reportedly hung the posters before sunlight on early Sunday morning. The conservative street artist placed the posters in places where they would be difficult to remove, including in locked, glass cases at bus stops where regular, legitimate advertisements typically live.

Sabo told THR that he decided to target the music industry because of what he believes to be misogynistic lyrics in rap and hip-hop, asking, "How can anyone be upset with me putting these up when no one seems upset about what the music industry pushes to our kids?"