Over the past few years, Chicago rapper CupcakKe has fostered a following thanks to her often freaky and extreme lyrics. She's got tracks with titles such as "Spider-Man Dick," "Cock a Doodle Doo," and "Cumshot" among others to give you an idea. An outspoken supporter of the LGBT community and offering a new meaning to the phrase "sex positive," CupcakKe is one of the most interesting rappers out right now, and she's determined to prove that with her new album Ephorize.

Expanding into sounds that are more club-oriented while also toying with straight-up rap bangers, Ephorize has some wildest production in recent memory. When she turned up on Charli XCX's Pop 2 last month, she pretty much dominated the conversation regarding "I Got It," highlighting just how great she is. With Ephorize, she's doubling down on that, flaunting how hungry she can sound and just how versatile she can be.

There's not as much of the extremely sexually driven lyrics she built her name on, but she does start early highlight "Duck Duck Goose" with the line, "I thought I came but I peed on the dick." On tracks such as "Crayons" and "Exit" she toys with dancehall-inspired sounds, while "2 Minutes" and "Meet and Greet" see her showcasing her vivid lyricism.

Few rappers are capable of balancing such graphic depictions of sex next to serious subject matter as well as CupcakKe does, chronicling her struggles growing up one moment while boasting about her "talents" the next. Ephorize highlights exactly what makes CupcakKe such an essential rapper.