XXXTentacion's simultaneous commercial success and serious legal charges of domestic abuse and witness tampering has left commentators and media outlets baffled. Can you write about his music and not mention his alleged crimes? Why is XXX getting more successful while other public figures accused of similar crimes are being fired on a daily basis?

The Los Angeles Times attempted to delve into some of these issues on Wednesday with a long article about XXX and his legal battles. While well worth reading in its entirety, music fans will likely be interested in one particular tidbit. Reporter Gerrick D. Kennedy talked to a number of people in Capitol Music Group, and they revealed that XXX's multi-million dollar deal with the company was extremely contentious. 

Many employees reportedly objected to an alleged abuser joining their ranks, but Capitol president Steve Barnett pushed it through. The Times says that Barnett told other top execs at the company that, while their new signee was controversial, "[XXX's] surging popularity would help the company have a bigger market share in hip-hop."

Since signing the deal, XXX has tried to void it, retiring and un-retiring in rapid succession, but according to a statement from his rep to Complex this past fall, he is still signed to Caroline/Capitol Music Group.