XXXTentacion has been sent to jail.

TMZ is reporting that the controversial rapper was denied bail on Friday morning during his trial. Originally, XXX was facing aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering charges. But prosecutors added other felony charges to the list, all dealing with witness-tampering and witness harassment.

X's incarceration was spurred by the prosecution's move to turn his case into two separate cases—one for the original abuse charges, and one for 15 counts related to witness-tampering and intimidation. The latter are actually more severe, legally, and could get the rapper decades in jail for each count. Those witness-related charges will be tried first, before the abuse charges.

This latest batch of charges is related to a recent development in the case. About two weeks ago, the rapper's legal team submitted an affadavit that they claimed said the woman XXX was accused of assaulting wanted to drop the case. Prosecutors were skeptical at the time, and now believe XXX coerced the woman into signing.

"I advised the Judge and defense that the State has reasons to doubt the authenticity of the affidavit. Moreover, the affidavit is not a legally binding document, and has no bearing on whether the State will or will not proceed," wrote assistant state attorney Philip Harte in a statement.

You can see the 15 counts against X for the first of his two cases below.

XXX charges
Image via Miami-Dade County Criminal Justice Online System

XXXTentacion is likely to remain in jail until his trial.