Just yesterday, T-Pain took to Twitter to explain that the apparent remix of Post Malone and 21 Savage’s “Rockstar” was actually the original version of the hit track. T-Pain’s story was corroborated by fellow featured artist Joey Bada$$, who also claims to have been a ghostwriter on the popular song.

Their tweets seemed to be a little on the salty side—I mean, why else would you go out of your way to claim a “remix” as the original? However, T-Pain got back on Twitter today to make it 100 percent clear that there are no hard feelings on his end. Taking full advantage of the new(ish) 240-character limit, T-Pain explained, “I see ppl tryin to make it look like I’m hatin on @PostMalone i fuckin love Posty and his music. I’m sure he didn’t even hear my version of rockstar. The label made a money move and won. I congratulate the shit out of Posty and @21savage for the #1 record. Feels good bro.”

A few minutes later, a charmingly self-effacing T-Pain went on to say, “I guarantee that rockstar would not have gone number one with me on it. Shit was a smart move to put @21savage on it. They know that relevancy drives a hit regardless if you like the artist or not. Hate them as much as you want but where’s YOUR number 1 record?”

The man certainly has a point, but we’ll see if beef-hungry fans take the bait. Complex has reached out to reps at both Republic Records (Post's label) and Joey's Cinematic Music Group for comment about all this, but they haven't yet responded.

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