It seems Joey Badass had a pretty big role in the creation of Post Malone’s “Rockstar.”

Earlier this week, an apparent remix of the smash hit featuring T-Pain and Joey Badass made its way onto the internet. Though many assumed this was a new reworking, T-Pain took to Twitter to say this version was actually the original. 

Joey Badass confirmed this detail in a tweet, claiming that not only was he featured on the song, he also helped write it. 

“This is facts. I actually co-wrote the song w post […] quietly got my first #1 off that,” he wrote.

Hey, at least he got paid for his uncredited work.

It’s interesting this information was never revealed before. In a September interview with Billboard, Malone said Joey Badass was in the studio during the recording of “Rockstar” but failed to mention the extent of his contributions to the track.

“I was in New York, and we were at Quad Studios. Some kid came in, and I guess he was in the session next door and he was like, ‘Hey? Can I play you some beats?’ I'm like, ‘I guess so.’ You know, I'm a nice guy, I like music. I'll listen to your beats. He played the beat and it was incredible. His name is Tank. He's a really young guy, and a really talented producer,” Malone explained. “So we did that, and Joey Badass was in there. We were just vibing on it and the melody was sick. We just cut like a little scratch vocal and we took it back to LA. I finished my part and sent it off to [21] Savage—and there it is.”

You can listen to the alleged original version of “Rockstar” below.