Yesterday, Joyner Lucas dropped a fire remix of Lil Pump’s hit “Gucci Gang,” where he calls out rappers who celebrate drug abuse. Lucas’ fans were all about it, but those in Pump’s camp were like, “SHOTS FIRED!” Many Pump fans feel Lucas was throwing the young Florida rapper some serious shade, prompting Joyner to take to Twitter to clear things up once and for all.

In his tweet, Lucas explains that his remix is in no way a diss, and that he’s actually a Pump fan.

TBD if Pump fans will accept Lucas’ explanation. One thing’s for sure, Lucas has not been disappointing of late. “Gucci Gang” comes directly after yet another notable release, Lucas’ “I’m Not Racist,” the accompanying visuals for which are very powerful. The “I’m Not Racist” video is a pretty clear calling for a dialogue between two polar opposites of the American political spectrum, in this case represented by a middle-aged white man in a MAGA hat and a young black man.

Controversies and real or alleged-beefs aside, we can’t wait for Lucas’ album.